Frequently Asked Questions
Account ID

No. You don't need to register and create an account. Our system automatically create your account ID the first time you visit our site.

Each account ID automatically generated by our system has its own PIN code. Please always remember the PIN code as well as the ID number of that account.

You can use the account ID and PIN code to access it on another devices by clicking the "Switch Account" link on the main page of this site.

If you forgot your account PIN code or account ID number or even both, then you will lose access to that account. This is because all accounts are created automatically based on your browser cookies.

There is no method that can be used to recover the lost account.

If you think your account ID has changed, it could be because you have deleted cookies on your browser. So that when you visit this site, our system automatically create a new account ID for you.

Since all accounts ID on our site are generated automatically based on browser cookies, to prevent you from losing your account ID: Please always remember your account ID number and account PIN code.
Claim Free Money

No. You don't need to make any deposit because it's completely free.

No. This is not an online loan system at all.

The free money we give comes from advertising revenue on our site. Every day, we can generate enough money to share with our users.

We need visitors for our site, we need active users on this site so we can make money. That's why we give you free money, so that you are active on our site.

When you earn money by claiming it on our site, we also earn money from your visit to our site.

Each time you will receive a random value between $0.50 - $10 USD.

This nominal amount is random, meaning: in one claim you can get $0.50, $2, $5 or even $10 usd.

The percentage of earning under $1 usd is 80%, and the percentage earning between $1 - $3 usd is 15%. And the percentage of getting money from $3 - $9 usd is 3% while the percentage of getting money $10 usd is 2%.

Unlimited. You can claim free money every 5 minutes.
Link ID

Link ID is a special link for your account ID. With this link you can earn extra money when someone clicks or visits your LINK ID.

Copy & share that LINK ID to social media, Twitter, forum or anywhere else. Every time the link gets visitors, then you will get paid $ 0.02 or the equivalent of $ 20 / 1000 views.

You will be paid $0.02 USD or $20/1000 views. Earnings from each click on the LINK ID will be credited to your account balance.

Please note that not all views/clicks obtained will be counted, only valid clicks will be counted.

Meaning: You can't click on your LINK ID continuously or tell other people to do it yourself. It won't count.

The clicks that count are clicks made by unique visitors for the first time to the LINK ID, not the same visitor many times. In any advertising network the same is true, otherwise you will easily fake clicks with bot, auto click, proxy etc.

Earnings per click will be added to your account balance.

You will be able to receive payments once you have a minimum balance amount of $100 USD.

Payments are processed instantly. Usually it takes less than 2 hours and a maximum of 1x24 hours you have received the payment.

We only make payments through various online payment processor such as Paypal, Stripe, Payoneer, Paxum, PayTM or WebMoney.